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Craig Jones NEW DVD – The Z Guard Encyclopedia REVIEW

After the best leg Locks DVD From Craig Jones called Down Under Leg Attacks, Craig Jones released a new DVD named The Z-Guard Encyclopedia. The Craig’s new DVD is literally a masterpiece.

If you’re interested in Craig Jones’ DVDs you can find them HERE. And you can find a review on THIS LINK. Also Make youre you check all the DVDs and Digital Instructionals from Craig Jones on THIS LINK

Craig Jones - The Z Guard Encyclopedia

Craig Jones – The Z Guard Encyclopedia

What we can say about this DVD is that it’s the best Z-Guard instructional on the market today. In this DVD Instructional Craig Jones really tried to explain to us his way of doing Z-guard. You’ll be impressed with all the details he use when showing techniques and also while explaining the z-guard position.

You’ll be able to understand the few most important facts about the z guard and what makes it so strong. Craig is also showing the entrances into Z-guard from various positions and in my opinion the most important is one from reverse De La Riva. He explains why is it so important not to let your opponent do some moves that can really threaten to your guard. And some simple steps to avoid your guard from being passed while transitioning to Z-Guard.

Craig Jones – The Z Guard Encyclopedia – DIGITAL
Craig Jones – The Z Guard Encyclopedia – DVDs
Craig Jones – The Z Guard Encyclopedia – Both DVDs and DIGITAL
Craig Jones – The Z Guard Encyclopedia – Techniques LIST

At the beginning of the instructional Craig shows his unique way of getting to the Z-Guard. This is probably somethingthat most of you are missing. There are simple steps to avodid any kind of scramble. And it’s perfect for stopping your opponents from knee cutting through your guard.

After that he explains the best ways to keep your opponent there and it’s something worth remembering as it will save you from a lot of trouble. There are also some submissions from the z guard like armbar, guillotine and his uniqee setup of omoplata. You’ll suddenly find out that there are much more options from the z-guard than you could imagine.

The second DVD from this z-guard encyclopedia instructional is about Reverese De la Riva and it’s importance. Craig explains few key techniques from reverse de la riva that simply make RDLR as powerful as it is. Soon you’ll figure out that without those few techniques RLDLR is useless. SO, what ever you were doing before from it you abandon for sure.

As Craig wouldn’t be Craig if he doesn’t show some heel hooks he showed them in the second dvd and they’re AWESOME! They’re simply mind opening. He also showed some techniques and submissions from 50/50 guard and wide range of heel hooks from positions connected with RDLR and 50/50 like scissor heel hook, standing heel hook etc…

The third DVD is based on De La riva guard and mixture of Single leg x, x guard and most notably reverse x guard

He really tried to explain all the benefits and tricks from all these guards and how easy it is to incorporate it into your game of z Guard and control.

I must say i was impressed with reverse X Guard. It’s really something new to me and it’s working GREAT! It’s really something that your opponents can’t figure out no matter how many timees you do it to them. It’s AWESOME, really. There is also some berimbolo incorporation in all of this and it’s awesome.


If you consider your self a half guard player this is something you definitely MUST HAVE. it’s hard to believe that your instructor, unless your  instructor is John Danaher, showed you all of these details. And what is most important, explained you all the details that Craig did i this DVD instructional.

There is simply nothing as good as Craig Jones Z-guard Ecnyclopedia on the market for now. If you decide to buy this, trust me, you’ll skyrocket your z-guard skills. You will simply have much more options to control and submit your opponent that you had before. I Guarantee that.

To check the DVD and the list of techniques go here HERE

YOu can also check the links belove to read more about tis Instructional and maybe purchase it.

Craig Jones – The Z Guard Encyclopedia – DIGITAL
Craig Jones – The Z Guard Encyclopedia – DVDs
Craig Jones – The Z Guard Encyclopedia – Both DVDs and DIGITAL

Craig Jones - The Z Guard Encyclopedia

Craig Jones – The Z Guard Encyclopedia

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